The Snow and Ice are due to return in this winter. And remember what December 2010 and January 2011 was like? Don't be caught out yet again!


The MET Office long range forecast is for more snow and ice this winter. Don't wait for the snow to start falling again. Mr Snowplough Spiker Ice grips also make an original and genuinely useful present. Ice Grips slip easily over your normal footwear, whether flat or heeled shoes or boots. The steel cleats give safety and security when walking on snow or icy footpaths.

They slip off easily when you get on the bus, get into the supermarket or reach the office, giving you the security of sure-footedness on Ice or Snow without having to wear heavy boots. Buy your Mr Snowplough Spike Ice Grips now because when you really need them, it will be too late! Meanwhile, Mr Snowplough Spikes are small enough to live in your pocket, your handbag or in the car. Be smart: keep a pair of ice grips in the car and another pair at home, in your pocket, your handbag or in the office so you will have a pair handy next time the weather surprises us!

These Ice and Snow grips will fit flat or heeled shoes as well as boots, trainers or wellies. They are made of sturdy stretchable rubber but are small and light enough to carry in your pocket all the time so you can be prepared. Made of tough stretchable rubber with 6 steel alloy grips placed under the ball of the foot for maximum grip.

The first time you fit Mr Snowplough Spikers, they may be tough to stretch over your shoes. Heating them in warm water will improve flexibility and make initial fitting easier. Mr Snowplough Grips should not be worn on hard and smooth surfaces like tiles, polished stone paving, metal or indoors.

For heavy boots, you may want to order one size larger than your normal shoe size.